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2019 Know Your Ships Now Available!

You've arrived at the digital home port of Marine Publishing Co.'s annual field guide Know Your Ships: Guide to Boats & Boatwatching on the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway, marking its 60th year in 2019.

Meant not only for those with a casual interest in the parade of nautical commerce that passes our shores, Know Your Ships also has plenty to interest the more serious-minded individuals who have a passion for the ships that ply the inland seas.

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Know Your Ships

Besides the essential stats (owner, year built, length, capacity and former names) for hundreds of freighters, tugs, barges, Coast Guard cutters, cruise ships, and saltwater visitors, Know Your Ships also contains essentials about the cargoes the big boats carry,where they load and unload, the locks, canals and waterways they transit, what the boat whistles mean, stack markings and nation flags, plus ways to follow the freighters as they make their way from port to port. In addition, there's a section on Great Lakes marine museums as well as a new Spotlight section that includes stories about ships, sailors and maritime adventures.

If you'd like to find out more about the 2019 edition of Know Your Ships, visit our 2019 KYS section.

Know Your Ships: DECADES

60 years in the making, Know Your Ships: DECADES is a large format, nearly 250-page hardcover book that is packed full of the very best images featured in Know Your Ships as well as a timeline of important events in Seaway era and hundreds of fleet stacks and flags.

Learn more about DECADES here.

More from KYS!

Our popular Stack & Flag Chart, has been updated for our 60th year and includes nearly 100 current and historic fleets with over 200 funnel marking and house flag illustrations. It measures 18x24 inches and is perfect for framing.

Check out our fashionable t-shirts and hats. If you're proud to be from the Great Lakes region, these shirts and hats are just the thing to show your passion.

KYS Website Updates

Check out the 2019 Readers Gallery featuring some of the great photos submitted for 2019 that we couldn't squeeze in.

The Historic Houseflags Gallery has been expannded to nearly 50 flags.

Fleet updates for 2019 highlighting new additions, ships still in lay-up, and those being scrapped can be found on our Updates Page.

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