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Watch for these new faces

The big news as 2018 began was the surprise sale by the American Steamship Company of four vessels to the Algoma Central Corp. Involved are the Buffalo and Adam E. Cornelius, as well as the steamers American Valor and American Victory, which last sailed in 2008. New names are expected for the first two (Algoma Buffalo has been mentioned for Buffalo). However it is unknown what plans the company has for the old steamers. Algoma also welcomed two new vessels in 2017: Algoma Strongfield and Algoma Niagara. Also arriving in 2018 are Algoma Innovator, Algoma Sault and Algoma Conveyor. Canada Steamship Lines will place the idled CSL Tadoussac back in service in 2018.

Ships still on the sidelines

Arthur M. Anderson, long a boatwatcher favorite, entered long-term lay-up at Duluth on Jan. 15, 2017. Edward L. Ryerson remained laid up at Superior, Wis., in 2017, where she has been since May 2009. Only time will tell when, or if, these two vessels will return to steam. Manistee and Sarah Spencer are still at Toledo, Ohio, with little hope of ever sailing again due to extensive repairs needed. John Sherwin continues her stay at DeTour, Mich., while McKee Sons is still idle at Muskegon, Mich. Manitoba, believed to have been headed for scrap in 2017, continued her slumber at Montreal as 2018 began. American Courage spent 2016 and 2017 laid up at Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Adam E. Cornelius spent 2015-17 idle at Huron, Ohio, but may sail in 2018, likely under a new name, since she has been sold to the Algoma Central Corp. Likewise, the future of the long-idle American Victory (at Superior, Wis.), and American Valor (at Toledo) are unknown since their sale to Algoma.

Fleets scrap more familiar ships

Algoma Central Corp.’s John B. Aird was towed to Turkey for scrap in May 2017. During the course of 2018, Algoma may scrap the familiar Algoway, Algorail, Algoma Olympic, Algosteel and Algolake. Canada Steamship Lines sent Pineglen overseas for scrapping in 2017.