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Watch for these new faces

Lower Lakes Towing took delivery of the self-unloading carrier Manitoulin in late November 2015. The vessel was constructed by fitting a new bow and cargo section to the stern portion of the 1991-built saltwater tanker Lalandia Swan. A bow-mounted unloading boom adds versatility. Another former saltie, the 2007-built Spavalda, took up trading on the St. Lawrence Seaway in 2015 for McKeil Marine Ltd. and was renamed Evans Spirit in early 2016. CWB Marquis, has been renamed G3 Marquis in order to reflect a change of ownership from the Canadian Wheat Board to G3 Canada Ltd. (Global Grain Group).

Ships still on the sidelines

Here are some of the vessels not expected to sail in 2016, along with their layup ports: American Valor (Toledo, Ohio), American Victory (Superior, Wis.), Edward L. Ryerson (Superior). John Sherwin (DeTour, Mich.), Yankcanuck (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.), Adam E. Cornelius (Huron, Ohio), Frontenac (Goderich, Ont.), Algosoo and Algosteel (Toronto, Ont.), Algorail (Sarnia, Ont.), Sam Laud (Toledo), American Integrity (Superior), CSL Tadoussac (Thunder Bay, Ont.), Atlantic Erie (Montreal), barge Sarah Spencer and her tug Jane Ann IV (Toledo), barge McKee Sons (Muskegon, Mich.), Manistee (Toledo) and John G. Munson (being converted to diesel (Sturgeon Bay, Wis.). Other vessels may come in and out of lay up as economic conditions warrant.

Fleets scrap more familiar ships

Several vessels that have been familiar sights on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway have been dismantled. Algoma Central Marine's Algoma Progress has been cut up at Port Colborne, Ont. The former American Fortitude (Ernest T. Weir, Courtney Burton) has scrapped at Port Colborne as well. Canada Steamship Lines' Birchglen and Mapleglen have been scrapped in Turkey. Other vessels sent to the boneyard so far in 2016 include Peter R. Cresswell, Algosar, Algoma Navigator and Algomarine.