From the Foreword...

"Throughout the annals of Great Lakes history, Know Your Ships is the one publication that has chronicled every aspect of the ships that ply the lakes for industry and enthusiasts alike...

Decades brings beauty to the pages of time by creating the most compelling archive of Great Lakes ships that we fortunate readers will know for decades and beyond."

~ Paul C. LaMarre III, Great Lakes shipping industry leader and marine historian

60 Years in the Making

Know Your Ships: DECADES represents an editors' choice of the best of the many outstanding images that have appeared in Know Your Ships since its founding in 1959. The book also includes a year-by-year timeline of important events on the shipping scene from 60-year Seaway era as well as the major fleet stack markings and house flags. In making this book, nearly 2,000 photographs were considered, and the ones selected were rescanned to yield the highest quality possible.

Pre-order Information

Pre-ordered books will be autographed and will include a free commemorative reprint of the the original, 44-page 1959 Know Your Ships. Barring production issues, books are expected to ship mid September 2019.

Pre-order DECADES here.

Why It's Important to Pre-order

Hardcover, high-quality books such as this one are expensive to print. Pre-orders will help determine how many will be printed. We don't want to run out, but we don't want to have too many left over. There will not be a reprint - once they are gone they are gone.

A Note on Price

Even though the book could be printed cheaper overseas, we believe in supporting the economies of our community, our state and our country. Decades will be printed in Ann Arbor, Michigan by the same company that prints Know Your Ships. We hope our customers will support our decision, even though that makes the cover price of this must-have collector's edition a little bit higher.